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  Learn Internet Marketing Secrets From the Most Successful Gurus  

"At Carl Galletti's Internet Marketing Super Conference The Secrets of Internet Traffic Generation Were Revealed"

VIP Guests at the "Carl Galletti's Internet Marketing Super Conference Seminar" learned from the experts in traffic generation how to get more visitors to their websites through good copywriting, search engine optimization and software applications.



Read the latest heroes interviews and benefit from tips on how to write better, improve your attitude and market your products successfully in the In Search Of Heroes Blog.

It's time someone told you the truth!

The VIP Guests gained the knowledge they needed to enhance effectiveness of their copywriting. They learned valuable search engine optimization techniques that improved their SEO efforts. As a bonus, they discovered the secrets of converting visitors into customers and loyal fans.


The photos of the attendees and speakers show that the speakers and the attendees learned a lot from each other and developed life-long relationships.


Alex Mandossian is a leader in traffic conversion and has been actively involved in the development industry trend setting programs Audiogenerator, ASKdatabase and InstantVideoGenerator.


Armand Morin is one of the most successful marketers on the internet and developer of useful software, specifically Audiogenerator and InstantVideoGenerator.


The VIP Guests at Carl Galletti's Internet Marketing Super Conference learned the secrets of leading internet SEOs about search engine optimizers.


The VIP Guests asked many questions at Carl Galletti's Internet Marketing Super Conference had the opportunity to ask the leading specialists in search engine optimization and internet marketing many questions.


Barbara Drazga participated in the speaker panel. She is a leader in online informational sales and marketing. She admits she is "Unemployable" and couldn't hold down a real job if she tried. Why? Well, honestly, she is spoiled.


Barbara has been self employed in various ventures for SO long, that she just doesn't know HOW to be an employee anymore! Which is not to say that she NEVER had a real "J-O-B." She has had many...TOO many.


But even when I was employed, she always had some business "on-the-side." She  made chocolate candy to pay for her college books. She created a line of mouse pads, mugs, and t-shirts with an Internet logo to supplement her income as an editor.


She has done computer consulting and training, sold stuff on eBay, designed marketing materials, created a line of crafts and sold them at flea markets, created resumes for foreign students, cabled computer networks... you name it... she has tried it, or thought about trying it!


When she launched her first venture back when she was 9 years old, selling greeting cards door-to-door, there was no one to tell her how to do it right. She fumbled and made mistakes... but she still managed to make enough money to buy her first little camera.


By launching dozens of startup ventures since then, she has learned by trial and fire. As she looks back now, she realizes if she had someone to TEACH her how to do it right, she would have wasted a whole lot less time and money in the process.


Now that she has money-making businesses virtually running themselves, she decided it was time to teach others how to do the same thing... LIVE YOUR DREAMS. So she found not ONE, but 12 incredibly successful entrepreneurs and businesses owners to teach you how to throw off the shackles of the J.O.B (Just Over Broke) and launch your OWN business over 3 information-packed days! "


Barbara created the successful Bunny Slipper Boot Camp seminar series. The next seminar is March 4-6 in Las Vegas. I will be there taking photos of the attendees and speakers. If you click on my link, let me know and I will be happy to take some professional photos of you for your website.


Bruce Clay is one of the leading search engine Optimization experts who shared some of his secrets of how to achieve a high ranking in Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL search engines.


Bruce Safran is one of the leading internet attorneys and specializes in using Public Domain materials to increase and enhance the content of your website.


Carl Galletti is one of the greatest copywriters in the world and creator of the annual Internet Marketing Super Conference Series that focuses on different aspects of internet marketing.


Carl Herold is the creator of Clickalyzer, the most complete and powerful website traffic analyzer software in the industry.


Craig Perrine is one of the leading copywriters in the industry, an expert at co-registration and a consultant for NitroListBuilders.


David Garfinkel is recognizes as one of the most effective and productive copywriters in the world today.


Doctor Mike Woo-Ming, MD took his medical expertise and contacts and created websites providing medical advice that now make him a six figure income with only a few hour each week required to keep the flow of passive income flooding his bank account.


Enjoy the photos of the guests and speakers making friendships and sharing their insights and creating joint ventures.


John Childers is one of the greatest trainers of public speakers in the world today. He personally has trained many of the internet marketing speakers.


Joshua Shafran is a pioneer in internet marketing who has created a simple step-by-step system called the N-P-O-D System that is as simple as lining up dominos.


Ken Giddens has more experience than most people in creating targeted niche internet marketing websites that consistently generate income.


Michel Fortin is recognized as one of the most successful copywriters in the world today. He also provides consulting to clients on how to improve their websites so they generate greater amounts of income. You can see his critiques at The Copy Doctor. He is personally responsible for sales letters and websites that have generated millions of dollars.


Mike Stewart is the leading expert on how to use audio and video files on your website. He spent many years providing sound and video services for the advertising industry.


Perry Marshall is one of the most knowledgeable consultants in the Pay-Per-Click industry, specializing in Google Adwords Campaigns.


The speakers panel at Carl Galletti's Internet Marketing Super Conference provided a lot of valuable information.


Tom Pauley created a educational program that helps people achieve their financial dreams and improve their personal relationship with family, friends and business associates.


William Shi is a webmaster who specializes in integrating Traffic Equalizer into his customer's websites to increase their traffic consistently and sometimes dramatically.



Read the latest heroes interviews and benefit from tips on how to write better, improve your attitude and market your products successfully in the In Search Of Heroes Blog.




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